at consequence of sound.

book club

It is disappointing to buy a book labeled “diary” and find none of the candidness you’d expect from a real diary. I would have liked to see some soul-searching over Kells’ more infamous moments. Like, why did he think it was okay to sleep with a minor in the first place? What kinds of challenges does it pose to be illiterate in a business where you have to read the fine print to make sure you’re not getting screwed? Who are the people he keeps close to him, and why does he trust them? What does it feel like to be such a larger than life persona while trying to remain a real person, with real relationships, in your downtime?

I’m also left wondering who this book is really meant for. Hardcore fans, presumably. But since Kells tells his stories so broadly and briefly, I’m wondering how much this book even reveals to Kells die-hards that they didn’t already know about him. And if I’m right, then what’s the purpose of this thing?

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