for creative loafing.


Commercial hitmakers Imagine Dragons have assimilated elements of some of the last decade’s most successful Top 40 heavy hitters – Coldplay’s impressionistic, grandiose feel-goodism, The Killers’ high-gloss sheen, Arcade Fire’s expansive moodiness. Slightly more mercurial than Passion Pit, they are that band’s obvious heirs. If you’re like this reviewer, a cursory glance at their catalog will reveal that you’ve heard pretty much all of their hits on the radio, usually while idly thinking, “Who are these guys again?” and wishing your friends would turn Tame Impala back on. Thoughtful, specific music this is not. But if you need a vessel in which to pour your own unexamined, nonspecific feelings-or-whatever-you-call-them, snag a ticket and prepare your lighter to be held aloft. Your other option is to stay home, posting pouty selfies on the Internet, and let’s face it, concerts make for way better Instagram photos.

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