In addition to the writing game, I’m the resident marketing maven at a local farm-and-table spot called Farm 255. In addition to growing a good bit of our own food, we source veggies and animal products from other farms in the Athens, Ga., area. In April, we started a supper series to highlight a different farm each month. These are some fotos from that dinner, featuring the fabulous Woodland Gardens and farmer Celia Barss.
130425_Farmers Table Supper Series_004 copy

First course: radishes with nasturtium butter. I’ve never been a big radish person, but I’d read all over the place that radishes and butter was a real traditional rustic French dish. Now, you tack “rustic” on anything and I’ll try it. I maintain that peasant food is the best food. So I finally got around to trying this, and now I can’t stop buying radishes. Go figure.

130425_Farmers Table Supper Series_011 copy

Get it.

130425_Farmers Table Supper Series_017 copy

Chef Whitney Otawka talks to the dinner guests.

130425_Farmers Table Supper Series_025 copy

Heirloom tomato salad with house made ricotta, spring onions and hush puppies.

130425_Farmers Table Supper Series_036 copy

Our first supper group was a little on the small side, but it more than doubled in size the following month, and now we’ve got dinners filling up about a month in advance. You can see why: the food is great, and it’s a rare opportunity to break bread with like-minded strangers and experience something new in our small town. Going to these things is one of my favorite parts of my job.

130425_Farmers Table Supper Series_043 copy

Chicken with ricotta and spinach gnocchi “dumplings,” snaps peas, baby carrots and a broth that’ll make you wanna smack your momma.

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