for flagpole.

Imagei love love love wild nothing. had a great interview with jack tatum. and yet, this piece was awfully hard to write for reasons i don’t fully understand. i guess loving something doesn’t always mean you’ll have something interesting to say about it.

This week’s gig is one of a string of East Coast shows that offer the bandmembers a chance to run into family or old friends. After the three years they’ve spent relentlessly touring everywhere from Barcelona to Tokyo in support of Wild Nothing’s 2010 debut, Gemini, and last year’s follow-up, Nocturne, they’re happy to be staying close to home. And, Tatum says, despite the fact that he now lives in New York, Wild Nothing’s music is forever tied to the South.

“I think if I had tried to start Wild Nothing in New York… it never would have worked,” Tatum says. “I think it was the lack of outside influence in my town that allowed me to be successful. I was very much able to just look inward as opposed to looking at what other people were doing around me… I almost felt that the fact that I lived somewhere where there wasn’t this complete over-saturation of culture allowed me to get where I needed to go.”

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