after 4.5 years of school, two degrees and an internship at paste magazine, i still couldn’t find a decent job in journalism. so i signed up to teach english in south korea for a year. everyone kept telling me, “you should start a blog!” so i started a blog. if you scroll back through old entries, you’ll find lots of photos from my travels in the ROK and a 10-month backpacking trip through europe. now, this blog acts as a brain dump for all the things i write as a member of the culture commentariat and the things i come up with in bed late at night or early in the morning.

contact: rachelbscribbles@gmail.com

16 thoughts on “about

  1. hello.

    I’m a girl who just dropped by to see your blog.
    and a student in dong-a Uni. in Busan.

    I couldn’t resist to say hi to you.

    I just finished to enjoy to see your thoughts and beautiful picture.
    What a glad to see it!
    I never have seen like your blog which is very sense and clean and It’s almost all about your life in Busan.
    I can rarely to find like this blog.

    I hope you enjoy your life in Busan.
    and keep to introduce something about your life in Busan. It’s very interesting. 🙂

    Thank you for reading through this and
    Take care and Have a fun in here ! ^^


  2. Hi rachel!!!!!!! Is here your place?!?!? how awosome!!!!
    I’m working now. but i don’t have any clients….. T.T
    So i’m really boring…
    I can’t understand all of here contents but some of it i can *0* kkk
    What am i saying -0-;;;;;;;;;;
    today is so nice day >.< i like today's wind, sun, air, and so on!!
    I wanna go out here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T.T
    I think you are woking now !
    Ahhh!!! Were you preper your class for showing to parents(?), right?
    How was the class? good? or so-so?
    I wonder(?) how was your feeling then.
    I remenber you said to me that's is strange –
    anyway….. i'm back to working now T.T bye bye~ see you tommorow !

    Have a nice day !!

  3. i miss you. anr you in busan??
    i’m going to Euroup(?) next week(5/19).
    could we meet before that day?

  4. Hello!

    I came across your blog when I was looking up information on the Haeundae SLP. I am in Korea currently and teaching at a different SLP, I really want to move to Busan for my next job, and was just curious about your experience at the school and if you would recommend teaching there.


    • Amy,

      So sorry, but I just saw this. The email I used to have my comment notifications sent to went kaput, and I forgot to update it.

      If you still need info about living and working in Busan, please email me at rachelbscribbles@gmail.com, and I’ll be happy to share the info, opinions, stories, whatever I’ve got.


  5. I was recently offered a job at slp institute in Busan. I am wondering if we could talk sometime about your experience there. I am a bit hesitant to take the job, because of some bad reviews I have seen online. We could communicate over e-mail if you want.

    • Hi Grace,

      Email would actually be the worst way probably!

      I liked working at SLP. I’ll be happy to talk about it of you want to give me a call at 304.617.6030. Sorry, I just spend the day in front of a computer, and I have a lot to say, so I’d rather not tap it out on the keyboard if we could just have a real conversation.

      Call me if you care to!

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