serle wasn’t much different than appalachia in many ways. saw dudes riding around town shirtless on a tractor. they’ve got a single carnival ride in the middle of town right beside a cafe/bar that serves as the central meeting point for people with bad dental situations. here are some of my students from last week — country kids, all the way.

the first day, the kids made decorations for the school. the older one in the middle was my student, maurizio. he was the perfect older brother to the younger kids.

michel and maurizio — great guys, but they smelled terrible. i know this because they followed me around everywhere, standing inside my bubble, trying to think of something to say.

michel has been working on this rattail since age two. country. people.

giulia actually rather resembles lady gaga when wearing a platinum wig with a big blue star painted on her eye…

teacher! one of the babies fell in the well!

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